The Right To Have Rights

Installation with HD, 8 min., 2019

Performance: MPA

The Right to Have Rights shows a performer who speaks the text of the so-called 1951 Geneva Convention (Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees), a protocol by which 145 states guaranteed wide-ranging rights to people on refuge and which in theory is still valid at present.

Instead of delivering this statement in a lecture hall and addressing an audience, it is here re-located to an empty runway at the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. The performer's speech has been partially altered through digital processing and turned into a piece of electronic music or into a song, even though this song is by someone human but not quite.

Who is seen as "human" and who can access rights?




Director of photography: Bernadette Paassen
Drone operator and DP assistant: Daniel Liepke
Sound: Claudia Mattai del Moro
Make-up: Nuria de Lario
Color Grading: Waveline
Sound design: Rashad Becker