(No) Time

Installation with HD and 3 blinds, 20 min., 2020

Choreography/Performance: Julie Cunningham, Werner Hirsch, Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Aaliyah Thanisha

Can movements simultaneously connect to utopian aspiration and political despair? At a moment when we are increasingly confronted with right-wing conservatism, it seems urgent to disrupt progressive conceptions of time and create a stage for something beyond: what will a minoritarian mode of temporality look like?

Four performers seem to be rehearsing for a queer time: extreme slowness,being out of synch, changes of rhythms, stillness and breaks are working on escape routes, refusing the deadening beats of labor and the state-sponsored hopeless tacts of being. The performers employ and often deliberately mix a range of dance elements inspired by hip-hop, dancehall, (post-)modern dance and drag performance. Even though they noticeably differ in their styles, they connect through sudden similarities, haunting movements, and body memories, producing and shifting their points of contact.

While the film's end is also its beginning, the sequence of scenes offers an unpredictable experience of time, not least by raising doubt about how far slowness and ruptures are carried out by the performing bodies or by digital means.




Directors of photography: Bernadette Paassen, Siri Klug
Sound: Johanna Wienert
Lights: Bernadette Paassen
Costumes: Heloise Mantel
Stage production: Wibke Tiarks
Dramaturgical assistance: Renen Itzhaki
Sound design: Rashad Becker
Colour grading: Waveline
Music: It´s lover, love by Aérea Negrot, remixed by Philip Bader, Mambos Fudiz by Nidia Minaj, Forward Flamingo by rRoxymore