Moving Backwards

Installation with HD, 23 min, 2019 

Choreography/performance: Julie Cunningham, Werner Hirsch, Latifa Laâbissi, Marbles Jumbo Radio, Nach

Starting with the feeling of being pushed backwards by recent reactionary backlashes, Moving Backwards explores resistance practices, combining post-modern choreography and urban dance with guerrilla techniques and elements of queer underground culture. A film installation with five performers from diverse dance backgrounds complicates the notion of backwards movements and their temporal and spatial meaning. Parts of the walks, solos and group dances are carried out backwards, others are digitally reversed, creating doubt and ambiguities for the installation on the whole.

The uncanny experience of temporal and spatial insecurity is complemented by a moment of reflection on the planetary politics of Moving Backwards with letters written to the audience in a newspaper by a number of artists, choreographers, activists and scholars. 



Contributors to the newspaper:
Fouza Al-Youssef/Kongra Star Rojava, Marwa Arsanios, Judith Butler, Patrisse Cullors, Mirkan Deniz, Nikita Dhawan, Treva Ellison, Antke Engel, Trajal Harrell, Charlotte Laubard, Azar Mahmoudian, Ahmed Refaat and Andrea Thal, Eve Tuck, Françoise Vergès.

Directors of photography: Bernadette Paassen, Siri Klug 
Sound: Johanna Wienert 
Grip: Camilo Sottolichio 
Lights and stage: Riccardo Clementi, Pieter Jurriaanse 
Assistants: Lore Rinsoz, Neige Sanchez, Am Ertl 
Hair costumes: Heloise Mantel and Dürtal Leathers 
Sound design: Rashad Becker 
Colour grading: Waveline 
Music: Hard Ton, Food of Love (Sprinkles’ Dubberama remix)